IFCC Network for Standardization of HbA1c

Welcome to the website of the IFCC Network for Standardization of HbA1c

The purpose of the IFCC Network for Standardization of HbA1c is to standardize HbA1c test results of routine methods to the IFCC Reference Measurement Procedure.

Diabetes Mellitus has become a worldwide epidemic, affecting 400 million people. Effective and efficient monitoring of diabetic control and diagnosis requires a good marker for estimation of the average blood glucose over a longer period. HbA1c meets this requirement for such a reliable compass to guide therapy.
For optimal clinical use (e.g. uniform clinical guidelines, uniform reference values, comparison of scientific studies) equivalence of results is desirable: results of any laboratory anywhere in the world and irrespective the routine method used, should be the same. This requires standardization. The IFCC Reference Measurement Procedure for HbA1c is the analytical anchor for the worldwide standardization of all routine HbA1c assays.
General information

EurA1c 2022 & 2023

EurA1c, the trial that investigates the performance of HbA1c assays across countries and manufacturers, was organized for the seventh time in 2022. More than 4000 laboratories in 22 countries participated. The report is available at the website.
The EurA1c trial 2023 is currently running (from October 2023 to April 2024). The 2023 report will be published at the end of September.